AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Exam Feedback September 2019

09 September 2019 — Written by Eddy

Hi everyone,

I just passed the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Exam and would like to give you a quick rundown of the material I used to study and the areas that I focused on.

The exam consisted of 65 questions, not 80 as I suspected so it's more than enough time to go through all the questions multiple times.

The level of difficulty varies greatly during the exam, from the simplest questions to super-specific in-depth questions.

If you have taken other AWS exams you will find 5-6 questions related to your knowledge, the rest is Alexa specific. Have a look at Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 (permissions), CloudFront and Cloudwatch and your all set to go. So here are my exam tips:

Study material

  • Whizlabs: Training set, great to find areas that you haven’t studied
  • Alexa FAQ
  • Alexa Cakewalk tutorial series
  • AWS Exam Readiness on-demand video training
  • Alexa study guide
  • Official Example questions: Gives you a good idea on the type of questions
  • If you have a voucher for the official practice test it’s well spent, if not I wouldn't spend the money.

AWS Areas

  • Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 (permissions), CloudFront and Cloudwatch
  • Focus Areas
  • Audioplayer interface, at least 3–4 questions
  • Slot Types, Search Query, Elicit Slots
  • Alexa for Business high level
  • Valid Invocation names
  • Alexa Analytics
  • Progressive response
  • Audio responses in SSML
  • Manage Sessions in Alexa: Do the cakewalk example skill tutorial
  • Certification Policy Examples
  • Dialogue delegation
  • Custom web endpoint requirements
  • Test your Skill

I hope that this rundown helps you with your preparation, have success and let me know if you have any questions.

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